CEO letter




More than who we are, it's what we do. Every day, we bring together the farmer, the     producer, the retailer, the shopper. Together, we make farm-to-family happen. To make things better for us all. For the earth.


It's a passion for the planet. Seeing the big picture, beyond the dollars and cents. Getting natural, organic food to people while reducing our impact on the earth. And doing what's right, for all of us.


We adapt to serve. We embrace change. It's good. When we meet the demands of our growing industry, we get better, stronger, smarter. We become more, to more people. And we discover what's next.


Here, integrity comes naturally. It always has. This isn't about someday, this is every day. This is who we are, how we do business. From taking the time to wrap a pallet correctly to simply keeping our word. Honest, straight-forward and ready to get the job done right.


There were many routes, but there's only one direction. It doesn't matter where we come from, how we got here, just where we're going. And that we're going there together. Bringing natural, organic food to more people every day. One mission. One company.


We're in this together. Motivated and inspired to collaborate, because what's good for the industry is good for us. And the family farm. And the family of four that wants good, natural food. Together, we are making farm-to-family a reality. And it's a win/win for us all.